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Oct. 9th, 2005 | 11:52 pm
mood: bitchybitchy
music: the libertines

So after this big freakin kerfuffel I think "think" I have found my phone. Okay so story is (cause you're all wetting your pants with anticipation to know wht the fuck i'm talking about :P) So I went to toast last night because I AM THE NICEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD AND I LOVE KEVIN HINGSTON! But I was in a super gay mood and yeah... then I kinda got a bit happier and all was okay and we left at 1iiiiish. Got home, slept and work up at 10 where luke goes "dude, whyd you call me at 5 this morning" I laughed because I'd been dead asleep next to him all night. Then the search was on! And we didn't find it :( So it was clear i'd left it at toast. Went to toast today at 4ish but it wasn't opened.. so planned on calling tomorrow and asking if theyd seen it. BUT the story gets kooky.

I knew about the strange 530am call to luke, but when i was DOING MY LAST SHIFT AT KINGSLESY TONIGHT :D (the smile is for the last shift ever factor plus yay hoorah, Maxelby called my house? haha, i dont know how all this works out.. but he also got a call from my phone. He actually heard it and answered. So yeha.. hoorah it was Emma!!! Back from sydney, out the fron of toast at 530am.. pissed as fuck, wanting a ride home. How she got my phone, Diana does not know. EXCEPT emma IS still IN fucking SYDNEY!!! So it wasnt Em at all. It was a weird girl.. Making calls. :( and not answering when I tried calling her 58 million times today :( And damn her.. for trying to pretend she was Emma. Pure evil. Anyway... while I was at work (last shift YES!!) Daddy sent a message offering a reward to this myserious emma girl (no emma u dont get money haha).. Called matt, got the story tried calling my phone a couple of times AND THEN A BOY ANSWERS, and asks me whos phone hes holding! Yay, it's mine. Its at toast. I get it tomorrow. And that's my story :) yay

IN other news. i dont work in that hole anymore. Ahhhhhhhh I kinda will miss some poeple... like the adorable little lad i worked with tongiht...aww hes so cute, and his name is kurt.. or kirk and he's growing his hair cause i said he should and it's all long and pretty! And the good people at erindale. But i'll see the good ones out I'm sure.. like sam and bryce (yay he's coming to cog me thinks) I'm going to cog. yay cog. Its sad.. i'll have 2 less keys on my keys.. now ill only have my car key and house keys.. haha anyone got keys.. i'll have them so im not sad. Now it's time to find a job somewhere else to fill up my nights and give me moneys................. and keys!

ALso I really need to clean my room and car! Also, i need to cheer the fuck up. ALso, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to see em and anna. NEEEEEEEED!!! I miss my munchkins. I also need to find mr. i have everything cool under the sun already in my possesion gladwish a birthday present. loserface. :P. i love you hunnicals.. im sorry my car seat wet your bumbum.

Also.. luke and I are totally (eventually) going to break up over an internet site.. and that just happenes to be myspace. or hisspace or yeh. It's true. He's addicted bad. He needs therapy. And I'm cold.

Wow this is a fairly longalicious post. It wouldn't be a post from me if it didn't include I MISS YOU AMY COME HOME OMG SO SOON YAY. Yay.. shes bringing me back umbrellas, a gypsy with an umbrella and an indian trying to sell me an umbrelly, i dunno where they'll all fit but i'm psyched. ASLO PSYCHED FOR FALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS AND STTTTTTTTTTTTONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEFEST AND BBBBBBBBBBBBBDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOO!!! fUCKEN YEAH!

now i sleep. oh and i want you in my bed now (haha erin, that's for you) ;)

oh and if you guys ever see miss swedan (the movie) buy it for me yay. or watch it and buy it for me or tape it or yay. ok its really good... there are vegetarians in it... vegetarians are cool.

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from: realisevaguely
date: Oct. 9th, 2005 10:17 pm (UTC)

omg yr. so weird.

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from: forstumbleine
date: Oct. 10th, 2005 08:49 am (UTC)

Princess Diana, that post was fucking hard to follow. I still don't understand the phone story after reading it twice.

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