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Nov. 29th, 2006 | 05:20 pm

i'm fricken wetting my pants over this weekend. ghar.
the vines the vines the vines.
it's lame, i know it.. but it will always be this way (i hope).
Anyway, my 20th on Saturday so all should come out friday night to party town-ville. I think I'll be hitting up Lithium and Bar 32 and everyone must come say happy birthday at the stroke of midnight.
I is getting my hair done in 2 different time slots on friday... colour in the morning and cut at night.. which is snazzy because tanya can do somehting wickard to it for fri night.
Ha ha, fuck. 20 is pretty damn freaking old. Well not really, Kevin will always be older :P and yeah. whooo.

So anyway. I was so cut when the vines were announced at hombake and it had sold out so fast. With an amazng lucky spell I got 3 tix on ebay for 300. sucked in to all u suckers who bought them early for like 175 or whatever. 100 each is pretty fucking orright. They arrived today so i maybe got a little too excited.. i'm also nevrvous. I'm gonna meet up with a girl i met at all the vines concerts i went to a few montsh ago too :D Also, i'm dyslexic, apologies.

Tonihgt I go to Mawson clubette for Jac's. I wanan drink so i'll have to tell emo i'm sleeping oevr or somehting hehe. yaya. or gabs.. hmm gabs.

I hope saturday is awesome. I should have a party or gathering some time too for all you sillys who arent comeing to the bake fest of home. Yeha i'll do that and i'll let ya'll know.


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from: heyitsrob
date: Nov. 29th, 2006 10:21 am (UTC)

hey di
its rob. add me
go vegan straight edge

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