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Oct. 9th, 2005 | 11:52 pm
mood: bitchybitchy
music: the libertines

So after this big freakin kerfuffel I think "think" I have found my phone. Okay so story is (cause you're all wetting your pants with anticipation to know wht the fuck i'm talking about :P) So I went to toast last night because I AM THE NICEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD AND I LOVE KEVIN HINGSTON! But I was in a super gay mood and yeah... then I kinda got a bit happier and all was okay and we left at 1iiiiish. Got home, slept and work up at 10 where luke goes "dude, whyd you call me at 5 this morning" I laughed because I'd been dead asleep next to him all night. Then the search was on! And we didn't find it :( So it was clear i'd left it at toast. Went to toast today at 4ish but it wasn't opened.. so planned on calling tomorrow and asking if theyd seen it. BUT the story gets kooky.

I knew about the strange 530am call to luke, but when i was DOING MY LAST SHIFT AT KINGSLESY TONIGHT :D (the smile is for the last shift ever factor plus yay hoorah, Maxelby called my house? haha, i dont know how all this works out.. but he also got a call from my phone. He actually heard it and answered. So yeha.. hoorah it was Emma!!! Back from sydney, out the fron of toast at 530am.. pissed as fuck, wanting a ride home. How she got my phone, Diana does not know. EXCEPT emma IS still IN fucking SYDNEY!!! So it wasnt Em at all. It was a weird girl.. Making calls. :( and not answering when I tried calling her 58 million times today :( And damn her.. for trying to pretend she was Emma. Pure evil. Anyway... while I was at work (last shift YES!!) Daddy sent a message offering a reward to this myserious emma girl (no emma u dont get money haha).. Called matt, got the story tried calling my phone a couple of times AND THEN A BOY ANSWERS, and asks me whos phone hes holding! Yay, it's mine. Its at toast. I get it tomorrow. And that's my story :) yay

IN other news. i dont work in that hole anymore. Ahhhhhhhh I kinda will miss some poeple... like the adorable little lad i worked with tongiht...aww hes so cute, and his name is kurt.. or kirk and he's growing his hair cause i said he should and it's all long and pretty! And the good people at erindale. But i'll see the good ones out I'm sure.. like sam and bryce (yay he's coming to cog me thinks) I'm going to cog. yay cog. Its sad.. i'll have 2 less keys on my keys.. now ill only have my car key and house keys.. haha anyone got keys.. i'll have them so im not sad. Now it's time to find a job somewhere else to fill up my nights and give me moneys................. and keys!

ALso I really need to clean my room and car! Also, i need to cheer the fuck up. ALso, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to see em and anna. NEEEEEEEED!!! I miss my munchkins. I also need to find mr. i have everything cool under the sun already in my possesion gladwish a birthday present. loserface. :P. i love you hunnicals.. im sorry my car seat wet your bumbum.

Also.. luke and I are totally (eventually) going to break up over an internet site.. and that just happenes to be myspace. or hisspace or yeh. It's true. He's addicted bad. He needs therapy. And I'm cold.

Wow this is a fairly longalicious post. It wouldn't be a post from me if it didn't include I MISS YOU AMY COME HOME OMG SO SOON YAY. Yay.. shes bringing me back umbrellas, a gypsy with an umbrella and an indian trying to sell me an umbrelly, i dunno where they'll all fit but i'm psyched. ASLO PSYCHED FOR FALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS AND STTTTTTTTTTTTONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEFEST AND BBBBBBBBBBBBBDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOO!!! fUCKEN YEAH!

now i sleep. oh and i want you in my bed now (haha erin, that's for you) ;)

oh and if you guys ever see miss swedan (the movie) buy it for me yay. or watch it and buy it for me or tape it or yay. ok its really good... there are vegetarians in it... vegetarians are cool.

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Sep. 30th, 2005 | 11:00 am

why the fcuk does this happen now?

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Sep. 28th, 2005 | 09:39 pm
mood: crappycrappy
music: hollywood undead YAYY downlaod now

Updating town cause I'm bored as hell and I've totally spent way too much time on the net today. I don't know what else to do with myself. I haven't been online heaps lately cause someone is a hogaroo and never lets me on but now he's gone and I'm bored haha. SO I totally organised the bill today at essen and ended up making money? Plus my coffee was free because it took about 80 years to arrive? So yeah.. and yeah and yeah.


Bitching about mypsace is totally cool on lj.. SO i'll do it. Its weird cause I changed my name to gayspace cause it's gay and I just wanna perve on the new pic of luke with eyeliner and stuff and it won't let me so now it's gayspace. But it's all happy to see me and is like "Hello gayspace!" and it's just kinda odd. And you're just kinda odd too. ANyway.. that made me chuckle. SO how cool are teeth.

I wanna cut all my hair off and make it have chunks of black. Or I just want it hella long and it's not fucking growing fast enough and blah. Ohh yeah i'm totally quitting kingsleys on monday (that's after the public holiday) yay. Fuck that place is shit. Good to know I'm leaving.. but haven't told anyone. And Kylie can just go fucking try fucking a pig or something. Whore! Angsty diana.

Friggen yeah. Going out tomrrow if someone will drive me cause im so sick of fucking driving and driving is lame and screw driving and lets get drunk but i hate getting drunk but i have this nasty alcohol at my house i can drink but last time i drank before i went out i spewed for 14 hours but i should get totally smashed tomorrow night cause thats fun and erin is coming out and ive never been totally wasted around her so i may as well cause she is my wife and i dont like using fullstops because they are shit and i am in such a grumpy mood and the keys are going bananas.

Ohh and i totally had 14 hours sleep last night and it was nice. In fact totally im totally like totally going to go sleep or something now. Maybe cry.,.. just for fun.

oh yeha and hate me cause im a pedophile :) do it and im 28

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Sep. 19th, 2005 | 06:33 pm
mood: goodgood
music: ben kweller- sha sha

Yay update! I just dyed my hair again... It's purple! Hoorah... I kinda wanna make it darker though, so I can look even more pale. No doubt I'll dye it again soonish. I have to work soon so it's just gonna get all gross, but meh... at least it's done and my regrowth isn't making me sad. And that's enough about the tales of my hair.

Life has been pretty good lately. I have made a good amount of new friends. I have been working lots and actually been going to all my shifts (or most). Money is still kinda shit and I wish everything wasn't so expensive. Toast is becoming a second home to me.. haha, not really, but i seem to be there a fair amount. Weird Better music guy with pink hair is weird and talks to me, as do his freinds tom and luke who are cool.. expecially luke...kinda scared of tom. he works at the Burbon bar and manages it.. so I believe we should go there and I can try my luck at getting free drinks! Hoorah.

I miss my little amy. I hope she gets the cds that u made kevin. I'm sure she will, myunoo. I dunno what to talk about. Will be good to see you when you come home for a visit. Miss chris. He should come visit. Or I should get myself up there. Ohh and I miss luke... hahah, haven't seen him in about 25 hours. From seeing him everyday.. and then not seeing him for a day it's odd. Oh, i'm lame, as is he hehe.

Alex is having a bbq bday thing this weekend I do believe.. so I'll go to that. I miss hanging out with those people. Hopefully bec and jac and emily and erin will be there? Am I right? or am i right... u girls better come.

Ohh and I am friggen psyched for wallaca and grommet tomorrow night yo people? Anna COME, I'm inviting Rhys as he is in the berra! Also, josh and stuff... maybe and yeah everyne should come... including YOU kevin. I have no idea what time it's on.. and I don't have time to check. Must go get ready for work.

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Sep. 6th, 2005 | 11:48 pm

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *freak out*
Tonight I went to work.. and I wasn't sposed to work, so they sent me home. But then I saw a boy who is cool and we had goodberrys. It was ok.
My throat is killing me, I have some serious chest infection happening.
Also Luke hung up on me tonight.. ha. How fun.
I like him. We're going to the circus for his birthday. He's psyched...

Speaking of birthdays. Fuck.

Jason my weird Canadian weird freind who isn't canadain at all.. but Sydneyan keeps calling me. We're best freinds. Kevin thinks we're going to get married... but we're not.

I have to send a message and go ni nis


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Sep. 4th, 2005 | 11:48 am
mood: blankhow awesome is blank? haha
music: umm ummm tea for two

Ugh...I have no idea why I started my post with "ugh" Sounds kinda flemmy... like my throat! SO maybe that's why! Yessum. Yay it's fathers day. I got my daddy vibrating slippers. umm so cool. Dad hates slippers but I think I'll get some fun out of them in a totally non dirty way.
Speaking of dirty. Some dude called "jason" called me up at freaking 4am this morning wanting phone sex or something. What the fuck. He said he was Canadian and that he met me at falls festival and then I asked him who played at falls and he took ages to think of someone and then said "um sarah blako or something like that" haha, i laughed... and coughed too! cause i'm dying remember. Anyway.. then I quizzed him about his Native Canada... he couldn't even name the fucking province he was from. The he changed his mind saying his mum was from there and he hasn't see his mum since he was little and that he lives with his dad who is Irish. By this stage I was in hysterics. Fucking loon. He kept up the accent? So basically nothing he said made sense.. but we talked till 5 in the morning. No phone sex. Eww. He seems to know Rhys in Albury... and I'm friggen gonna kill Rhys if it was him or his friend. Prolly is, but I didn't mind talking about nothing for an hour. The he messaged me to give me his number (coz it was on private) and I fell asleep and he fucking called me again to see if I got his number in the message, I told him to go away. So like. what the freaking fuck?

Back to reality..umm gig on friday night was swell. Good to see people.. and stuff. Academy was meh. Academy drools :P Ohh nah, I lie.. it was cool when Chris and James and Mark and Bec and Jac rocked up!! But then Ben and I left.
All that night I was getting phone calls and messages from a cheeky drunk! Finally got to sleep aaaaaaaaaaaaand I sleep till 1030 and he calls again. Cheeky.. then hang out with him all day yesterday with GABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS! I must say I'm kinda smiling. Many other guys are evil. i.e. tommy g, so meha.

OHH YEAH AND CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY IS THE COOLEST FUCKING MOVIE IN THE WORLD. AND DAMN STRAIGHT. Johnny Depp is a freaking legend, I want to be cool like him, he's like the coolest of cool. The too cool one! FUCK! It was fun. Em and and I totally went to the movies with a 15 year old wtf? Born in 1990? WTF!! Hehe, we giggledd.. and lukey and chris (who is friggen awesome?!!!

Then to Toms.... everyone was there in the whole world!!! It was packed!!! And his funny jock friends remembered me. Evil joe ahha. And Chewey. weird. And pine!! woolies dude totally remembers me and talked to me for ages.. haha suck on that.

Then to kevinyas. I met another Diana and she was like my best freind for the night. We bitched about people getting out name wrong and blah! I never meet diana's. She told me her life story and yeah, she was fricken hot haha. Oh... and I totally made out with chris hahaha WTF! that was weird but totally hot.. funny beardy man. And Gabs came and the visuals were totally hot. Even though I didnt see craig nicholls up on screen? Disappointed! Not to worry.
I'm totally going to see if I can get outta work tonight. Huzzah!

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(no subject)

Jul. 27th, 2005 | 11:45 am
mood: sicksick


Being sick is seriously fucking horrible.


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Jul. 17th, 2005 | 06:33 pm
mood: weirdweird
music: dandys

Hmmm hmm... updating out of boredom. Emma my luvbug has left me... and now I've got no one to sleep with or watch movies with :( Ahh well, life goes on.
So this weekend was... alright. I'll start with Thursday night. I convinced Emma and Jess and Gabs and Owen and Petey and Kate to come out, and yessum. We started off at the club because Josh wanted to see Gabs and that was weird. Then we went to Academy and got there too early and not many people were there.... they all started arriving soon after and Petey is fun times.
The night started off okay and then this guy called Ishmael wouldn't leave me alone and different people had to keep saving me. Apparently he's a junkie, but in the end he wanted Emma and Olly, so all is okay. The night went awful because of a few reasons that I don't want to talk about but then it went awesome. Sam from my work was out and pilling for the first time and it was so much fun! I danced with him and his friends and it was good fricken times. Thye left for a while but came back and found me :) Sam told me I had to come back to work because I was the only one who was fun to work with and the only one who talked about odd things. He's awesome. Fricken.... didn't get home till 5amish. Not cool :( aaaaaaand had to work, which was surprisingly okay.
The night left me feeling weird towards a certain individual...hmm, and they know it haha. We talked about the weirdness. It's either bad-which doesn't phase me... or good, which makes it weirder.

After work on Friday I planned on going to get my lip ring changed... Petey was keen so he came along- because he's in love with Tim the piercer (as am I), but Petey actually knows him. haha. Em came along too and we got it done. Tim put the biggest friggen ring in my lip and I nearly had a heart attack. It was awful. He was happy that I was so honest. Then he broke the rules and put a smaller one in my lip- thank christ! It's still kinda big but apparently I can't get a smaller one cause it'll be too small :( so it kinda sits on the side. Anyway, after that we went the the Phoenix for 5 minutes with Emma and then left there there hehe. We had sizzle bento and coffee and it was fun. Even though he refused to come to any of the three gigs I suggested, I still had fun.
Then I came home and called Chris and then entertained Emma for an hour on the phone while Olly was asleep next to her haha. Then sleeeeeeep.

Worked all Saturday which was cool. Then got home and had promised Emam I'd hang out with her. Made her come to dinner with Mum and Dad and I. It was ok... Mum played some weird Pokie machine and won 84 dollar straight up :-O i was jealous... I lost 3 dollar haha. Ran into guy called Michael who I met the week before and told him to say hi to Myles and all them poeple who work there... which is everyone haha.
Then home and movies etc etc. And sleep... so so so so much sleep, even afternoon naps today. It was brilliant. One of us is going to turn into a male one day and we are going to learn sex real good. Ohh and Amy messaged I was excited :) She has a new phone ya'll.

Delta Goodrem this Thursday night (damn straight) and QOTSA this friday night up in Sydney... dunno if i'll be coming home Saturday or not. All looks exciting. EXCEPT I don't like delta and don't think I'll appreciate it as much as Mum, but Mum refuses to go with the little Rareah.

Anyway.. I said more than I thought I had to say haha. YAY.


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(no subject)

Jul. 12th, 2005 | 05:27 pm
mood: dead
music: ozzy osbourne



Anyway, yeah not yay for no sleep. Have been working early early mornings.. like so early that im the 5th person at teh tuggers car park... incl the bakers eek. And working till late and hmm. But work is good when i get there.

Not mjuch sleep last night, was at the hospital till late late getting mum and Sarah was tres sick and dying but shes okay now.. so was dad, but hes a bit better.

And its cold and im eatiing ice and optus is funny.

And this whole thing makes sense not. And out thursday night yo people?yes yes oh yeah


this ones for amy and emma- he entered me i entered him

rareah says thank you kevin lots for the sexy sexy card

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Fuck you alcohol

Jul. 7th, 2005 | 10:20 am
mood: awakeawake

Wow, and I'm finally not drunk anymore...and there's no throwing up. Yay.

Not last night, the night before (Tuesday Night) I went to this kinda 18th kinda pissup just because.. and I got too trashed haha. I was shotting Midori and then I had a 4-pack of smirnoff and then Sam made me some potent Bourbon mixture.. which I didn't even half drink.

And then I was sick, it would have been about 2am at this time and I felt so yuk. Even worse than the time at Amy's house where Luke poisoned us with half a bottle of Vodka each haha. It was worse because I remember it, whereas at Amy's I passed out and didn't remember a thing. Anwho, I ended up having to saty there and was still throwing up. Kylie drove me home at about 1230 in the morning and when I got home I thew up more... wtf, 13 hours later I go to sleep.

I had to cancel on Nikki, i.e. couldn't move heh. Then went to bed at 8:30 again, and woke up at 10 aha... damn straight sleep is aweosme. Now I'm fighting fit ...yay. Oh! and never fucking drinking again ever! EVER! Now I know why I'm often the driver.. haha.

Also, I got over Bryce haha. Didn't take long. Also feel bad for tim cause he was nursing me while I was throwing up. Poor lil fella.

And that is the end of my drunken escapade. Need to take Kylie flowers as a shitty attempt at an apology.

Friday night... PaRtAy... I am sure I'll be sober haha.

Maybe Myles and stuff will be coming... hmm need to message.

OHHH, also, I have a new phone and it's fricken cool. It has all these wonderful things that I don't know how to use... finally I can text message though! It's very exciting. And I have groovy ringtones and games and I dunno a camera that zooms and a mini video camera. Oh lala. And internet... but apparently it's very spensive.

Queens of the Stone Age soon, yay  have no money!

Ohh must email,


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